Wednesday Cookie Selling & Yoga

In the afternoon we did mommy & baby yoga, T loves seeing other babies!  I realised the true depth of the issues with my hips at yoga and have a doctor’s appointment to look forward to.

Today was cookie selling day at Sparks! Always good exercise, pounding the pavement pushing the cookies, all evening :)

Next Wednesday we will try to get up and out of the house for the neighbourhood playgroup! then it’s off to yoga again in the pm.

Tomorrow we have strollercise and walk in Mill Creek Ravine to look forward to!

Cloth Diapers Part 2

So………. I quit the cloth diapering. Mainly for my sanity and my babies sanity. They leaked constantly and provided no wicking so she was always wet and I was always changing. Multiple diapers in a 1/2 hour was just too much.

I was not keen on laundering my own diapers and so I decided I was just not cut out for cloth diapers. We have been using disposable diapers for a few months now.

I don’t know why the diapers didn’t work for us. All I know is they leaked like crazy and I wouldn’t recommend Happy Nappy as a diaper service. They gave me great service until I cancelled and wanted clarification on how final billing worked and how much it would cost, then they stopped returning emails and came to pick up their diapers.

At first I felt like I had failed somehow and wasn’t being green enough. Now I am just so happy those days are behind me. Just saying I’m happy, my baby’s happy and this means a better life for us!

Mini Posts Daily

Blogging. Each Day. Even If. It’s Just Mini Posts.

Melting Pumpkin Marshmallow in my Scentsy warmer today. Love the scent even if J doesn’t. Don’t love it as much as Coconut Lemon Chiffon. I’m hoarding my last three wax squares as it has been discontinued and I am not sure I can live without it’s scent……..

T is growing again. Need to buy need new onesies and sleepers. She’s a giant baby :)

This week’s plan includes using my Body Media and being more active.

Good Night!