Seaweed Cookbook

Seaweed and Understanding!

I have been on a bit of hunt for nightshade free cookbooks. I have been stalking the interwebs and then searching the library in hopes of finding nightshade free cookbooks. I never buy them before checking them out because so often I think I’ve found a gem and then *BAM* nightshades everywhere!!

I recently found the book, The New Seaweed Cookbook. The first thought in my head was – oh this is probably a difficult book. One where I’ll love the recipes but they will be so intricate I will attempt one or two them – never open it again. Because let’s be honest I work full-time, have a teenager (mom taxi) and a child under 2 (house destroying soul sucking monster) and a ridiculously difficult food allergy that I have been ignoring, much to my own detriment. So basically if it’s difficult, it won’t make it into my rotation of go to foods.

Now the recipes I was reading weren’t “easy”! They were things that with a bit of practice I could potentially incorporate. So I thought let’s give it a try, be positive, I began to read the Foreword and then the Introduction. Then I stumbled upon the quote at the end of the Introduction.

I am going to try to make this my mantra for the next 30 days.

-Rather than fearing the restrictions of a certain diet, allow limitations to become new boundaries in which to flourish. Discover the deep flavors of wild foods, committing a portion of your daily routine to celebrating the abundance of healthful ingredients. Share meals with intention and awareness, enjoying that which keeps us all alive and connected. Slow down to notice the days; each gives way to another, and seasons arrive filled with surprising new flavors, scents, and colors.

-Crystal June Maderia

Sometimes you find just what your looking for in the least expected places…

15 year old quotes

Playing clue with the Fam Jam and K asks to play another game. J says he’s way to tired for another game and proceeds to clean it up. Then says okay guys I bought a new game for us to try I’m going to show it to you. K says so let me get this straight you’re too tired to play another game but we have to sit here and listen to you explain another….

K says to J “You know for a guy with a PhD, you aren’t very smart”

K says “Do you want to know what I was thinking when you defended your thesis” J says “Not really” K says “Well, I’m going to tell you. I was thinking OMG get me out of here, when is this gonna be over. This is so boring”

J says what are you doing A? A says “Blogging. I just did a post called 15-year-old quotes” K says about J?

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The Language of Dude Feminism


Such good words!

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The sort of language used to assert men’s dominance over women has a pretty recognizable pattern across the cultural landscape. Men, we are told, are in charge of things because they have something women (supposedly) lack: physical strength, honor, higher cognitive facilities, or the mystique of the male organ itself. Women, sadly “lacking” these qualities, need to be “protected” from the all-consuming lusts of strange men.

This can be spun as noble chivalry, brutal domination, or a playful battle of the sexes, but at the root it’s the same: women are denied the freedoms that men take as a God-given right, assigned subordinate status, and coerced into performative gender roles.

In this dialectic, men’s protective abilities and ravaging urges come from the same place and are both aimed squarely at women. Language, of course, did not create the patriarchy, but language is a powerful method of inscribing the possible, shaping…

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