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Was it all in my head?

It wasn’t… 2 days ago, I tried to use Deva Curl again… I just had to…

Spent the day itching and had to rewash my hair.

Still on the search for a new favourite cleanse/condition product..

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International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition

Today is the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition.

A day to reflect on how slavery affected and shaped the world. It is a day to remember the atrocities that happened. In remembering we honour those who were harmed and killed by a brutal system that did not value human life, a system that viewed black lives as lesser. The effects of the slave trade are still felt throughout our society today and we need to take a look at today’s society because we still have a long way to go in regards to how we enslave individuals in our modern world.

Below is a tidbit of information of how the slave trade affected one of my major ethnic backgrounds.

More than 2 million slaves were sent from the Bight of Benin to the New World, and among them were many from Benin and Togo’s major ethnic groups. The Adja, Mina, Ewe and Fon groups of this region were the third-most enslaved groups sent to the New World. (

I have a hope for the ancestors of the people who were enslaved by the cruel human trade that was legitimized for a long time by racist set of views, that have no place governing anything on our earth. My hope is for them to rise up and realize their worth. To rise and claim their space and no long make apologies or space for negativity that cuts into who they are a a person.

For more information on this day of remembrance please visit

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My journey with fit bit.

I finally settled. I chose a fit bit charge hr 2. When I say settled I mean I finally found and tested and chose what I wanted.

It’s small enough for my needs and has all the amazing features I was looking for.

Fit bit is very user friendly and it’s software it always improving. I can change my bands based on colour and texture (sport band/leather).

I’ve had my current fibit for almost a year and am still loving it! 

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My love affair has come to an end? or Deva Curl, it’s me not you…

I have spent a great many years refining my curls. I found the Deva Curl method and products fell in love and have refused to use anything else. Much to the deteriment of my scalp. I always thought I must just have dandruff, eczema, and an itchy scalp it’s just me.

After years of Deva Curl and a wise friend saying maybe your allergic. I spoke with my stylist and went over my allergies and Deva Curl has ingredients (rosemary) I am allergic to hence my poor scalp condition. Also maybe I should have clued in considering I can’t use Aveda Rosemary Mint products and my culinary issues using rosemary.

Now I will say this Deva Curl is amazing and I love the products and their method. I will probably die staying true to the Deva Curl method. BUT alas I will be trying a new shampoo and conditioner and mask. I’ll stuck with the Deva Curl styling products for now and avoid my scalp (fingers crossed). 

Deva Curl, I love you !♡

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I’m back… Again…

Blogging has often times felt like pressure so I am taking a new approach.

I am not going to try to have a focus or a goal. So I will be updating my blog. I may remove old content, I may not. Oooo the suspense ;p

This time I’m coming back as a pure unadulterated me. Cause truly that’s what I do best.

So basically be prepared to follow my rollercoaster with emotions, up/downs, and simple raw life.

Forever, me.

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Canadian Census

It’s back! The long form census has graced us with its presence once again. Harper’s gone, data is in.

Data geeks rejoice.

The census that Harper abolished is back. Information is once again free to flow from us to our government to shape our country.

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So I love my fitbit BUT I traded it in. I had bought the fitbit blaze and it was great but I could get the fitbit charge hr for $80.00 less and the only things I lose are the ability to choose my activity on the screen (which I wasn’t using) and reading my text messages and using the music controls on my phone  (which I wasn’t using). So I returned the blaze. It was also very large and sat awkwardly on my wrist. I also found it heavy and often bumped it into things. I think the blaze is kind of “Man” sized or for people with large wrists.

I am suprised at how happy I am with my descision to return and “downgrade” my fitbit BUT I truly don’t think I was making use of all of the options and I can always upgrade if I change my mind!

So 30 days on fitbit hooked me, I love the apps and and information it gives me and extremely happy with my new fitbit charge hr.

More Posts to come on my fitbit journey!