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Lacollectiondira Bottles – [Hydration & Inspiration]

A friend of mine – Munira Abdulkadir has been hard at work on her first product line, Lacollectiondira!

(Munira – launch party, Lacollectiondira)

Let’s support her initiative!

See the launch video HERE!

Campaign @ATBBoostR


Added bonus of supporting this initiative:

A portion of the proceeds made by Lacollectiondira will be donated to the Stollery Children’s Hospital as well as the Montreal’s Children Hospital in order to bring hope to children and families. A lot of the things we believe about ourselves start at childhood and as a brand, Lacollectiondira believes in protecting that inner child that lies within each one of us and that is still longing to be validated and is still asking for healing.

About the product line:

Lacollectiondira is a line of triple-walled 18/8 stainless steel water bottles designed with an inner layer of copper, with the function of keeping beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Not everyone finds the time to read an inspirational book or watch a motivational video, but people do take the time to fill their bottle with water, coffee, or other drink of their choice and they bring their bottle with them to the gym, to class, to their appointment, etc. Lacollectiondira bottles leverages people’s frequent use of stainless steel bottles by also exposing them to inspirational text featured on its bottles. The inspirational text acts as a daily mantra that encourages consumers to become conscious of their inner voice and thus, allows them to readjust their view and speech about themselves. People struggle with believing in themselves and these intentional affirmations on Lacollectiondira bottles will allow them to regain faith and confidence within themselves.

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Cause Box

I recently subscribed to Cause Box.

I have always wondered what subscription boxes would be like and decided to take the plunge with Cause Box.

I am semi impressed with the box.

Like my LSTN earbuds and hey they support a great cause.

Like the poncho but it is definitely designed for someone smaller than me.

Herbal facial steamer seems great, but I wont be trying it as it contains something I have allergy to and I’d rather not see what happens.

Wrapping paper in my opinion is boring. I’m just not one to be excited about fancy wrapping paper.

Planner is just not my style.

Earrings I can’t wear the metal just doesn’t sit well with my skin and also made it feel like when you put tinfoil in your mouth and you have metal fillings. (FYI, this and the poncho were the two things I was most excited about)

Thing I like least is the jade roller. Which upon inquiry is not real jade…

I bought a year subscription so we’ll see how the year goes and if I enjoy the subscription. At least the non let down with all the boxes will be I supported good causes.

More to come when I receive my quarterly boxes. Also, let me know if there’s a box you love which I may be missing out on.

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Africa Centre executive director sacked amid allegations of sexual harassment

CBC reports – Reporter Andrea Huncar


This is a good day for people of the African Diaspora in #YEG. This shows harassment will not be tolerated in our community any longer.

Most importantly – Thank you for the women who spoke out!

The African community in Edmonton is better thanks to your voices!

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Spoons are used metaphorically a lot in my life.

Tonight I have no more and do not wish to lick any…

Sometimes I do not have the spoons to deal with others and the emotional labour required to keep them afloat.

Yet I feel guilt because of it, even when it’s not my fault.

Emotional labour is a difficult and when you hit your breaking point sometimes the emotional labour is just not worth it. Is it worth it to expend your energy propping up another person with no benefit? Will it pay off in the long run? How long do you participate and support someone with emotional labour before pulling the cord? Do you wait until you realize… you were actually licking the spoon?

So many questions fill my head this evening because I am done. I am enough. I am me. I do not need to do the emotional labour in personal relationships to be worthy of them.

Social justice can take alot of emotional labour. To weather the storm you are going to need an inner circle in which there is an exchange of emotional labour and not just a drain.

Remember to take care of yourself and DO NOT do emotional labour for others who do not deserve it.

  • Read a book
  • Get a massage
  • Paint your nails
  • Take a bath
  • Go for a walk
  • Meditate

You are important! You are valuable! You are special! Just you is worthy, without any added extras!

Always remember, “‘No’ is a complete sentence.” ―  Anne Lamott


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An explanation from Forbes

First a big Thank You to Chris Ladd from Political Orphans for printing this and exposing the original post by Forbes.

Please visit the explanation article – An explanation from Forbes on Political Orphans

Also, let’s point out that Forbes does post on social issues


Now if you think that Forbes’ explanation for why they took this story down is correct, you may want to check your privilege.

Black people in the southern states have suffered because of church’s with racist ideologies pushing their goals under the guise of God since the beginning of slavery in the new world. This is truth. You can see the hatred spewed from pulpits if you listen carefully because they have gotten smarter over the years and package nicely with a big red bow.

There is a reason people fought so hard to hold on to these ideologies and that is because white supremacy was folded into society and it was even presented as needed to obtain their salvation. Those against it were pushed out cast out of white society and fled for their lives.

This is the truth.

To see my original post with the original Forbes article please Click Here