Hair Care

Exotic Nectar: Argan Oil Smooth and Shine Cream by Live Clean

I love this hair oil!!!  It makes my hair soooo soft.  It cost me $5.00 at Shoppers Drug Mart. This hair oil is great for underneath your regular styling products and/or for those days when you have your hair up and out of the way.  It provides an incredible amount of moisture.

I found this by accident standing in the store trying to find something after realising

  1. I have no hair products
  2. I am on my way out for the evening.

Now you may be wondering, how do you end up with no hair products and on the way out for the evening.  Well, we just moved!!!  The day I moved was also my friend’s bachelorette party.  Because we were moving I hadn’t done alot of shopping in the weeks prior and had mainly been living out of boxes so I had been wearing my hair up in a bun for the most part.

I was standing in the store debating the merits of many different products, when I realised I am running out of time.  So I decided, I’ll just buy the product thats on sale for cheap and then I won’t feel so bad when/if it happens to not work for my hair.  Well to say the least I was uber suprised at how soft my hair was and how happy I am with this product.  I will definitely be trying more products from this line in the future

Please see the link below to view this product.|amp|%20shine%20cream


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