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Frizz Free and Three Cups of Tea

I just finished reading the book – Three Cups of Tea!  It was wonderful and I loved it!  It is all about a man who goes to Pakistan to mountain climb, almost dies, falls in love with the people and goes on to help provide education to the people he meets on his journeys!  I highly recommend it.

Also I tried a new product line this week – Curls.  First product I tried to see if it was “worth” buying the entire line was Curl Gel-les’c.  Now this product is step 4 and at the end of the process but it is the magic ingredient that holds your hair in place for the day.  So If it can hold up by itself without the whole product line then it must be good.  I have been using it since Monday and I love it!  It smells great – Citrusy.  My daughter commented today as she was in the shower “Mom whats that smell, It’s like fruit”  My reply is “it’s my hair product”,  Her reply “It smells yummy”.  It holds my hair in place all day without frizz.  It is not too heavy.  I am overall very happy with this product and will be going back to get more products in the Curls line!!

Tomorrow is Friday.  Thank Goodness!  The roads are horrible from the dump of snow we have had and I don’t want to drive anymore.  Hopefully I can spend most of my weekend relaxing.

You can find the product I used at the link below.  I bought it at Images & Shades.



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