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Just a few quick updates

1st Update – I would just like to give a quick alert to the Vanilla Candy Cane chapstick that I bought from Rocky Mountain Soap Co.  It BURNS.  Just an FYI if you consider buying it.  It is quite strong.  I like it, but others may not, my daughter doesn’t like hers.

2nd Update – I love Curves!  It’s been great.  I have been going for a week and really enjoy the program.  I think this is the boost to fitness I was looking for!  I highly recommend Curves to any woman wanting to do strength training in a controlled atmosphere.  They are extremely helpful with getting your started on the machines and helping you with your posture and technique.  The atmosphere is very welcoming and everyone is friendly.  They have also just introduced Curves w/ Zumba so I will be trying this out in the next couple weeks and will let you all know if I love it or hate it!

3rd Update – I am on day 10 of the 21 day vegan kickstart and have made so many new recipes and found a few that I will incorporate for years to come.  It’s been a great program to keep me focused on my fitness/health goals and has pushed my out of my comfort zone with foods.  My favorites so far have been the BBQ Style Portobello Mushrooms and the Creamy Broccoli Soup.  Tonight one of the dishes on the menu was Farmhouse Salad, it was quick easy and tasty.

That’s my updates for tonight!  I haven’t started my new hair regimen but will be sure to alert you when I do!


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