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The Organic Box and other adventures

So I was searching online this week, looking for farmers markets, organic veggies, CSA’s, local/organic restaurants and other things of this nature when I cam across a site called live-local.  So I started browsing around the site checking things out when I saw something called The Organic Box!  It’s company that delivers fresh, local and direct to your door!  I was in love, I had been searching for something like this for 2 years but had yet to find one that could work for my family.  They have many options but we choose to go with a trial membership of three weeks and get the original box, the website says it is filled with enough produce for an average-sized family for a full week.  Another great thing about this company is we can substitute things if we prefer not have to have them in our box.  We will be subsitituing the sprouts in this box as my daughter is allergic to them.  So this weekend will be my first time receiving the box and I am really looking forward to it.                     This weeks box has potatoes, carrots, beets, shallots, onions, parsnips, crimini mushrooms, sprouts, baby bok choy, romaine lettuce, broccoli, apples, pears, grapefruit, oranges, avocado, bananas.  We will substitute the sprouts for a pumpkin!

On another note, my daughter had a winter gala for gymnastics today and it was wonderful!  After that we went to the mall and I was suprised with an early valentine’s gift.  A new charm for my Thomas Sabo bracelet.   I received a penguin, it has symbolic meaning 🙂

I still have not started on a new hair product line as the past month have been crazy busy and my whole family had the flu, I injured my back, finished my 21 day vegan cleanse and have been trying to keep everything together but I look forward to my next product and great rest of the month!


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