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A Relaxing Saturday.

Spent today for the most part relaxing.  This morning started with the usual morning drive to ballet for K.  Then went off to grocery shop, pick up a gym suit (needs to be fixed, but that’s a whole other story) and had my bank card reissued for the millionth time as it has once again been compromised.  Picked up K.  Drove home had lunch and dropped off K at Girl Guides for her Famine Sleepover.  Now if any of you know my child she likes to argue for the sake of arguing or as she says let’s have a random debate about nothing.  So getting her off to a sleepover with everything required and to eat lunch takes alot of energy.

After this I came home put stuff away and made dinner for myself.  Pineapple Coconut Rice and Broccoli w/shallots and sesame seeds.  J’s gone climbing.

Then I read The Kind Life again.  It’s probably my third time reading this book.  I really enjoy it.  I also, just in general love reading cook books.

On a side note, it’s Day 1 of my elimination diet.  I am positive that it will be a good experience.  Reading The Kind Life reaffirmed that.  I have also found some great gluten free recipes and blogs online.  I also made my three days this week at Curves!  So I have two more weeks to go and then the rest of my life because I plan on making this my minimum on exercise for each week for the rest of my life 🙂

Now to continue reading with a nice glass of warm tea!


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