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Hemp Seed Oil

I have discovered that I do not like hemp seed oil.  I never knew this until I started the elimination diet which requires me to have 2 tablespoons of the stuff daily.  I realise it’s good for me, with all the essential fatty acids in it, in fact “they” say it’s better than flaxseed oil, but the taste is not really my favorite.  I guess I’ll get used to it. It is also in VEGA which I drink occasionally and tried to drink on a regular basis, but absolutely hate the taste of.  I have now realised this taste is hemp seed oil but on a worse scale (how they managed to do that is beyond me).  This all shouldn’t suprise me considering I tried the hemp milk route once as it so much better for you that soy milk.  I think it’s yuck and made J drink it since he didn’t find it so bad.  Anyways it’s Day 2 I’m on track and it’s Sunday.  Another day to sit back and relax (and get housework done)

Also I have found a resturant in Montreal, that I would love to go to it’s called Crudessence. Owned by Georges Laraque Deputy Leader of the Canadian Green Party!


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