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One of my favorite holidays!

It’s one of my favorite holidays! Earth Day – April 22!

Good Friday is also Earth Day this year BOOOOOO! Although it gives me a chance to ignore Easter and all it’s going ons and focus on the earth and how I can make a difference!
But OMG, Earth Day in Edmonton has been cancelled for this year.  Date and Venue booked for 2012 but organiser is away for this years Earth Day, so it’s won’t be happening.
This doesn’t mean us Edmontonians don’t have to celebrate!  If you are not in Edmonton check out what your city has planned!
Check out the link below and I challenge all of you to give up something for the month of April in honor of Earth Day and to make the environment we live in a better place.
It can be as simple as Meatless Mondays or walking to the corner store instead of driving! Or as big as a meat-free April or no T.V. or no facebook/twitter for all of April.


I think I will choose to give up something that also forces me to be more active and use less fossil fuels but who knows. I am using the next few days to brainstorm a challenge for myself and would love to hear if anyone has any ideas!

Also, this year we will make Earth Day a family day and get out into the city and do some geocaching!!

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