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April is here and so is spring!

Spring has finally sprung and the snow is melting.  It was 10 degrees out yesterday. The snow isn`t all gone yet but it is definitely on it`s way.

Yesterday while K was off selling Girl guide cookies at the Strathcona farmers market,          J and I went to the Refresh Bistro in Organic Roots.  The food was great!  I had the gluten free hummus wrap,  a gluten free bliss ball and a coconut water!  J had the roasted veggie wrap!  We had a wonderful lunch!

My elimination diet is on the last stretch and I am reintroducing foods.  I started with night shade veggies!  The elimination diet has made me feel great!  But I am glad to be reintroducing foods and interested to see if I have any reactions to the foods that I introduce.

I am doing boot camp and loving it.  It is hard and I sprained my wrist this week.  But I have been going twice a week for the last two weeks and it is very invigorating!!  I have two weeks left!

Live Clean – Purple Jewel works but is not my favorite.  It is worth it as far a hair product goes as it is VERY affordable.  But I do not really like the way it makes my hair feel while I am washing it.  Afterwards though once I am styling my hair it is fine.  So I guess I have mixed feelings I will continue to use it for the next week and make a final decision then.

Well that`s all the updates I have for today and I am off to drink my smoothie and clean house!


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