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Mabel’s Labels

I am a huge fan of Mabel’s Labels!!!

I absolutley love labelling.  It’s one of my favorite things to do and I am of the opinion that Mabel’s Labels are the best labels out there.  My daughter has used them for school supplies, summer camp, guide camp, her toys, ipods and cameras.  She enjoys choosing from many designs and styles to customise her labels as her own!  They are a great way to not lose your child’s stuff.  Also they don’t come off, you never have to worry about the label’s not sticking.

Right now they have a limited addition camp pack out, these are a must have if your child is attending summer camp!

Does your child have a birthday Party coming up.  Check out Mabel’s Loot Bag Combo

I personally also use them for all my labeling needs 🙂 One of my adult personal favorites are the return address labels (great for when sending cards).  Other fun adult type things are the custom bin labels, cord control pack and crafter pack!!

They are great for kids and adults of all ages!

Alicia – Official Buzzmama


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