29 Before 30

29 things to do before I am 30!!

So I have noticed on quite a few blogs there are to do list before your next birthday.  I think this is a great idea.  I have no idea who started it but here is my very first list.

  1. Buy a sewing machine
  2. Take a sewing class
  3. Do more fun things with friends
  4. Buy dinner from Taste of Ukraine for Winter Solstice (Won’t be fulfilled, it was $50 a person, far to expensive, maybe next year)
  5. Throw a dinner party
  6. Learn to digital scrapbook
  7. Take a cooking class
  8. Make friends w/ a random stranger
  9. Be healthier and do more yoga ❤
  10. Master the art of card making, then make cards instead of buying them
  11. Start an herb garden (for real this time) (Done)
  12. Learn to live with my food intolerances (learn new recipes)
  13. Go camping w/ J in the mountains
  14. Go to a wine tasting
  15. Send surprise gifts for no reason
  16. Go to a comedy show
  17. Start on an inner peace journey – HEAL
  18. Become a Sparks leader
  19. Go on monthly mother/daughter outings
  20. Increase my blog readership 😛
  21. Forgive everyone who has wronged, but never forget
  22. Fall deeper in love w/ J
  23. Discover what I want to go back to school for
  24. Scan my old photos (digitally archive them)
  25. Improve my Dutch
  26. Spend more time with my family (more trips to Van as well as outings with my bros)
  27. Finish reading, One day my soul just opened up – By Iyanla Vanzant
  28. For 30th birthday party go on a ladies weekend w/ my closest ladies
  29. Write a list of 30 things to do before I am 31

I’m excited to complete my goals because when you stop and look around life is pretty amazing.

P.S. A little known secret about me is that I love lists!


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