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June 25th …… A Saturday

Today I woke up late. Showered, dressed and ate breakfast.

Then we ventured downtown.  We decided to walk we stopped and dropped our books off at the library and then we were off to the farmers market!!!  I love the famers’ market and there was a wedding party getting there pictures done.  We stopped in the shop called Carbon – Environmental Boutique which is on the same street as the market.  I am pretty sure K and myself fell instantly in love!!  This store has everything I have ever wanted….okay maybe that goes a bit too far but it really does have good quality eco friendly products….which I love!

We stopped for lunch and I have a green onion cake and K had a pretzel and lemonade!  We stopped in at the library again (as we hadn’t wanted to carry books around all afternoon) and then we made our way home in the rain but it was nice and refreshing!!!

Later in the evening I ventured out to see the movie Bad Teacher with a friend.  I decided to take the bus as my feet were tired of walking and I didn’t want to get caught in the rain and have to sit through a movie while soaked.  I found the movie to be funny and enjoyed the awesome company I had at the theatre.

Hope you all enjoyed reading about my Saturday!


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