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Sparklings Wednesdays – January 18, 2012

Yesterday, my website was blackout in support of SOPA !

So below is my Sparkling Thursday blog!

Yesterday, at Sparks, we learnt about clean water! We learn about how water cycles through our environment, what we use water for and what animals are found in water! I must say this was a successful unit for us!! All the girls enjoyed talking about water and were excited to go home and try out the experiment I gave them.

It’s an easy experiment to do it your looking for a fun water experiment for young children.  You take a glass of water with red food colouring and place a celery stalk in it. Leave it overnight, when you wake in the morning you can see that the celery has “drank” your water and is now red!

At the end of the meeting we sang “little Green Frog” and all shared one thing we learned new about water!

*~Sparkling Wednesdays~*


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