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Happy Sunday!

It’s Sunday, a lazy day for me. I worked a bingo last night for K’s dance. 8hrs on my feet was killer.  I am hoping I burned calories doing it!

Today is J’s birthday!  We are going out for dinner at a Japanese place called Nomiya! We’ve been there once before and enjoyed it! They have a vegetarian ramen bowl, so it’s J’s new favorite place.

K is off getting a massage to relax today. I am thinking I should have also booked a massage or something today but didn’t so I will just relax. My pointsetta from December has started dying. I don’t think I watered it enough. I wish it was not dying as I got a red glitter one this year and it was quite pretty!

I also a trying out this extreme couponing thing.  It seems to be a pretty big fad.  So I’m jumping on the bandwagon and am going to test out my skills as an extreme couponer! I’ve gotten some good tips fro quite a few sources, wish me luck!

That’s my lazy sunday! Hope everyone had an equally lazy Sunday and relaxed!


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