Politics and why I speak freely about such a *Taboo* subject.

Never say it’s not right to talk about politics. How do we make move forward and make progress in society if we refuse to discuss what our society is founded on!

Should politics be banned at work? In my opinion – NO. You send about 1/3 of your life at work, why you should be gagged and bound from talking about a topic that effect’s you and everyone else at work.  People like to say they don’t mix personal life with work but the reality of it is, many people spend more time at work each day with than at home with their loved ones, as over half the time you are at home you are asleep.

Why shouldn’t you talk politics? Is it because people can’t support their view points? Is it because they feel it’s confrontational?  It is because they see it as unsolvable and pointless? Is it because once you start talking politics and rationalising things out with people, some things just don’t add up?

I have been amazed during this recent election how many people in their 20’s have said I’m voting for so and so because that’s who my parents vote for. This boggles my mind, you are given the freedom to vote because your opinion matters. Rarely do we blindly follow in other ways. Can you imagine walking into someones house and saying wow I like that couch and them saying I bought it because it’s the exact same couch as my parents have!!!!! No, because we each have our own thoughts, opinions, and life experiences so why not base your vote on what you feel and think is right, not what someone has told you to do. Research is a great tool. Decide for yourself who you want to vote for. (Don’t say so and so has researched it and figured it out……Figure it out yourself)

People say politics are boring or I don’t understand politics. How do you learn about them if you don’t talk about them?How do you get people engaged in topics that effect them greatly? Ask someone why they support a certain party, hear them out, and engage them in constructive conversation. Let them know how you feel and why you feel that way. There’s no reason why two people can’t have a conversation about this topics and there is no reason to feel threatened, think of it as a learning experience (for both sides).

Politics should begin with conversation, conversation is the first step to accomplishing change!


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