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I’m a bit behind in my blogging. August’s cheese was Ricotta. My cheese making partner’s and I attempted to make cow and goat ricotta.  The goat failed miserably but the cow ricotta was a success.

Here’s some pics from our process.

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A big shout out to Shift Mama for her awesome cameo hand pics during cheese making!

Thanks to Untamed Feast, I turned my ricotta into a forest blend mushroom ricotta spread. I used their forest mushroom blend and their morel mushroom spread recipe to create my spread. My family loved it, but I forgot to take pics of it.

September is upon us and the cheese for this month is Chévre. I am greatly looking forward to this one and thinking of doing a peppercorn Chévre.


1 thought on “Cheesepalooza”

  1. Your cow’s milk ricotta looks perfect! That goat’s milk is certainly a tempermental milk… or maybe that is just my level of patience! Now that I’ve realized that I need to be a lot more gentle and patient in my heating and treatment of the goat’s milk, I have had much more success. You’ve planted a seed in my mind to try making goat’s milk ricotta… we shall see! There are so many cheeses on my to do list right now! I hope you have success with your chevre. Looking forward to the post.

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