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The journey so far.

I started my journey awhile back but never really stuck with it. I am on my 9th day of eating healthy. I have lost 2 kgs 🙂 I am so excited at my achievement. Even though I want to throw it all out the window and just eat cake.

My journey has been easy on some days and very difficult on others. I am learning that I must plan my meals and make sure they are filling so that I am not hungry in between meals. Making my lunches the night before so I am not rushed in the morning and opt to just buy lunch. I also must keep busy, if I have nothing to do I start to look for things to snack on.

A big key to healthy snacking for me is having healthy veggies available. Cut up carrots and celery or fresh fruit, ready to go in the fridge or in my lunch bag at work means me winning my battle with staying on track during the day.

The tool I am using for all of this is My Fitness Pal. It’s the first site I have found that I have not be frustrated with the food tracking. This site makes it uber easy to track your food. My favorite option is the scanner on the mobile app. Point and click and your food is entered!

Another tool I am contemplating is Body Media it integrates with My Fitness Pal and tracks the calories you burn each day. It has a built-in heart rate monitor and tracks your sleep! If anyone has a Body Media and would like to share their experience, I would love to hear it!

My meals for this week are planned and groceries are bought, my gym bag is packed! So I have already set myself up to win this week.

I have 21kgs to go! I can do this!



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3 thoughts on “The journey so far.

  1. I’m on day 11 of South Beach Phase 1. I’m getting bored, and missing wine with dinner, and I’m only seeing a small bit of weight lost (2.5-3 lbs, depending on the morning), but I guess that’s good for a week and a half. I am sure that losing it slowly is better for me, and I’m also trying to do either yoga or ~ 30 minutes of walking/jogging every day. I feel better, at least. And I like My Fitness Pal — a much better food tracking app than the South Beach one. I’ll watch here for some feedback on the Body Media one. Good luck!

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