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And Finally……The Honeymoon – Part 1

Back in February…(Yes I have been a bad blogger) J and I went on our honeymoon. We went winter storm watching in Tofino! We chose to fly to Victoria and make our way to Tofino, enjoying the island and all it’s sights.

Our first day in Victoria was spent looking for boots for me, after the boot fiasco that ensued prior to our departure and eating at a wonderful little restaurant in downtown Vic. I am still dreaming of the lemon bead curd.

Here are my amazing boots! Obviously crushing a tree stump in Cathedral Grove! IMG_5081

Boot Fiasco was me buying boots in Edmonton, taking them home the night before the trip and realising they hurt my feet and I could not hike or walk beaches in them. With no way to return them or continue shopping that night due to stores being closed.

Good thing we were able to get an awesome pair pretty much in the first store we went to after landing!

Then there was the heavenly little place we went for lunch – Lotus Pond! Which I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of, but we had the dinner for two.

It came with spring rolls, wonton soup and brown rice. The two dishes we choose to include were lemon bean curd and buddha’s delight.

I advised the server of my allergies and it seemed like maybe she didn’t understand what I had meant but when the food came out there was not a nightshade in sight 🙂

Everything was tasty! The hubster said he found it to be the best veggie place with this type of fare he has ever been too. I quite in enjoyed the lemon bean curd, it tasted alot like egg in my opinion, kind of like a lemon egg. Maybe that doesn’t sound the greatest but it really was good!

It is a very reasonably priced vegan chinese restaurant in downtown Victoria.

We then made our way to Nanaimo! Here are some sites from our drive!




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