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Wedding Stuff and Sunday Ramblings

Well the wedding was 8 months ago….. I guess it’s time to pull out everything and sell it. Going to spend my Sunday documenting everything and placing it all on Kijiji. Also, need to get my dress cleaned and that up on Kijiji too. K wants to wear her bridesmaids dress to her grade 9 grad in just over a years time, but will it fit? Maybe I should just sell it too.

Cleaning out the basement is refreshing, It’s spring even if it doesn’t appear to be I can get a head start on spring cleaning and when it truly arrives I can be outside working on the garden. I have big plans for the garden this year. I won’t be busy wedding planning and neglecting it.

Here is J shoveling the never ending snow! Below is the view from my window at work on Thursday!2013-03-21 16.42.46

2013-03-21 12.53.46


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