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Cloth Diapers – Happy Nappy Diaper Service

Cloth diapers have so far been a love hate relationship. When I was pregnant I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers but wasn’t sure I wanted all the work and washing that went with them. So my internet search began for a diaper service in town! I found Happy Nappy! Things got off to a rocky start with the diaper service, my baby was born early so I had no cloth diapers at home! But Happy Nappy quickly remedied this and I had cloth diapers a few days after my daughter was born. Happy Nappy had tried to deliver diapers the day I had my baby so I would have them for her original due date but couldn’t find my house. Happy Nappy usually delivers the diapers early so you have everything you need when baby arrives!

Now I had very little knowledge of cloth diapers! I probably should have done more research and read more reviews! The cloth diapers from Happy Nappy are hand made and not all the same. So when you receive diapers some are bigger than others as they are stretched out more from use, I guess. This made some of the diapers too big and some just right. Then came the next hurdle it was impossible to keep the diapers off the umbilical stump so I had to switch back to disposables until that had healed and that took 2 weeks! So I was paying for a diaper service I wasn’t actually using, this is good information to have if you are just starting out with a diaper service!

I like cloth diapers as I have an endless supply! See part of my cloth diaper stash  ——> 2013-11-22 01.00.06

Figuring out how many I need each week has been a challenge as last week I ran out of diapers and had to go back to disposables again. So I ordered 10 more than I think I need for the week and have higher hopes this week.

Another thing I never knew was my baby doesn’t like them as she is wet, she doesn’t enjoy being wet at all so cries right away when she soils them. this is not a huge deal but she does wake up more during sleep, which has its down falls.

Oh and remember when I said the diapers are hand made and some seem to be different that others……well I have found with certain ones she pees out of them. I am not sure how she’s doing it but I am avoiding this type until I make it through the rest in my pile of diapers, hoping that the end of this week will not result in needing to change an entire outfit with each diaper change this week.

All in all I am liking the cloth diapers and a committed to using them, but it probably would have been beneficial to know then what I know now about my cloth diaper journey as I would have done things a bit differently. Like starting the diaper service at 3 weeks old and reading up on cloth!

If you are thinking of using cloth diapers, I would recommend Happy Nappy, they have been great at helping me along the way and have been there to answer any questions, concerns or changes to my orders that I might have. They are always prompt and polite!

Don’t forget to mention that I (Alicia Newton), referred you as Happy Nappy has a referral program!


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