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The Honest Company Samples

I received my sample packs from The Honest Company. (excuse the horrible pictures)

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The first one I tried out was the diapers and wipes. The diapers have cute patterns on them and work great. I love the wipes. I would considering using their diapers and wipes….. except for shipping costs (explanation below)

In the essentials bundle sample pack, I received laundry soap, hand soap, face & body lotion, shampoo & body wash, and healing balm. I haven’t had a chance to use any of them except the face & body lotion (see review below). As I use them I shall post my thoughts on them.

I didn’t have anyone to give the baby & toddler multi-powder as it is for babies 6 months+ and I now have a 1 month old and I also don’t have anyone to give the kids multi-vitamin to either as it is for kids 2 and older. So I can’t review these two products but can say that they sent me 1 dose of each of these products so it would be hard to test and review anyways. I guess you could see if your child liked the taste based on one portion. I’ll see if I can get the vitamins reviewed by a friend with a child and let you know what they think!

After receiving the sample packs, I ordered an essentials bundle, as I wanted to try out additional products, more baby wipes and had received a discount email. In it I received the hand soap, laundry soap, hand sanitizer, face & body lotion, and baby wipes.

I have so far used the hand sanitizer and the face & body lotion. I do not like these products, it is my personal opinion, others may diagree. I find the hand sanitizer does not evaporate. It is thick and sticky and leaves a film on my hands. The hand & body lotion is slimy and doesn’t hydrate my hands well enough. I don’t mind it as a body lotion so will continue to use it for that, but I will not order this product again as I have many other hand & body lotions that I like quite a bit more.

The one thing I found out after was that there is a catch! I live in Canada so am charged an international surcharge of 25% making it quite a bit more to ship these products to Canada. I have received an email offer from the Honest Company giving me 40% or 50% if I ordered a bundle so it was more affordable but without the discount I would not order as you can find plenty or natural products in Canada for much less.

That’s my review of The Honest Company for now, stay tuned for the further product reviews of additional items!


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