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Cloth Diapers Part 2

So………. I quit the cloth diapering. Mainly for my sanity and my babies sanity. They leaked constantly and provided no wicking so she was always wet and I was always changing. Multiple diapers in a 1/2 hour was just too much.

I was not keen on laundering my own diapers and so I decided I was just not cut out for cloth diapers. We have been using disposable diapers for a few months now.

I don’t know why the diapers didn’t work for us. All I know is they leaked like crazy and I wouldn’t recommend Happy Nappy as a diaper service. They gave me great service until I cancelled and wanted clarification on how final billing worked and how much it would cost, then they stopped returning emails and came to pick up their diapers.

At first I felt like I had failed somehow and wasn’t being green enough. Now I am just so happy those days are behind me. Just saying I’m happy, my baby’s happy and this means a better life for us!


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