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15 year old quotes

Playing clue with the Fam Jam and K asks to play another game. J says he’s way to tired for another game and proceeds to clean it up. Then says okay guys I bought a new game for us to try I’m going to show it to you. K says so let me get this straight you’re too tired to play another game but we have to sit here and listen to you explain another….

K says to J “You know for a guy with a PhD, you aren’t very smart”

K says “Do you want to know what I was thinking when you defended your thesis” J says “Not really” K says “Well, I’m going to tell you. I was thinking OMG get me out of here, when is this gonna be over. This is so boring”

J says what are you doing A? A says “Blogging. I just did a post called 15-year-old quotes” K says about J?



Mixed chick on mission to find natural beauty. Pluviophile with a love of wine, religion, politics, tea, and novels... Nightshade-Free Individual.

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