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My journey with fit bit.

I finally settled. I chose a fit bit charge hr 2. When I say settled I mean I finally found and tested and chose what I wanted.

It’s small enough for my needs and has all the amazing features I was looking for.

Fit bit is very user friendly and it’s software it always improving. I can change my bands based on colour and texture (sport band/leather).

I’ve had my current fibit for almost a year and am still loving it! 

About Me

My love affair has come to an end? or Deva Curl, it’s me not you…

I have spent a great many years refining my curls. I found the Deva Curl method and products fell in love and have refused to use anything else. Much to the deteriment of my scalp. I always thought I must just have dandruff, eczema, and an itchy scalp it’s just me.

After years of Deva Curl and a wise friend saying maybe your allergic. I spoke with my stylist and went over my allergies and Deva Curl has ingredients (rosemary) I am allergic to hence my poor scalp condition. Also maybe I should have clued in considering I can’t use Aveda Rosemary Mint products and my culinary issues using rosemary.

Now I will say this Deva Curl is amazing and I love the products and their method. I will probably die staying true to the Deva Curl method. BUT alas I will be trying a new shampoo and conditioner and mask. I’ll stuck with the Deva Curl styling products for now and avoid my scalp (fingers crossed). 

Deva Curl, I love you !♡