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Africa Centre executive director sacked amid allegations of sexual harassment

CBC reports – Reporter Andrea Huncar


This is a good day for people of the African Diaspora in #YEG. This shows harassment will not be tolerated in our community any longer.

Most importantly – Thank you for the women who spoke out!

The African community in Edmonton is better thanks to your voices!

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An explanation from Forbes

First a big Thank You to Chris Ladd from Political Orphans for printing this and exposing the original post by Forbes.

Please visit the explanation article – An explanation from Forbes on Political Orphans

Also, let’s point out that Forbes does post on social issues


Now if you think that Forbes’ explanation for why they took this story down is correct, you may want to check your privilege.

Black people in the southern states have suffered because of church’s with racist ideologies pushing their goals under the guise of God since the beginning of slavery in the new world. This is truth. You can see the hatred spewed from pulpits if you listen carefully because they have gotten smarter over the years and package nicely with a big red bow.

There is a reason people fought so hard to hold on to these ideologies and that is because white supremacy was folded into society and it was even presented as needed to obtain their salvation. Those against it were pushed out cast out of white society and fled for their lives.

This is the truth.

To see my original post with the original Forbes article please Click Here

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The article removed from Forbes, “Why White Evangelicalism Is So Cruel”

I am interested to follow this story and to find out why Forbes decided to pull this article that speaks so much truth into the perseverance of racism in the south.

Here is a quote from the article that stood out to me

“Guarding women’s sexual purity meant guarding the purity of the white race. There was no higher moral demand.”

Please go here to see the article on Political Orphans


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I never knew how an incident could trigger me so strongly or I never acknowledged it.

This past Saturday I participated in a #metoo rally in #yeg , as a member of Black Women United Yeg. Black women attended to support those who were currently hurting due to long standing issues within our community.

After the rally The March On Collective Edmonton accused us of trying to change the focus of the rally of; when we were trying to represent black women who have been sexually harassed and assaulted in our community.

What I learned from this experience is

Being accused of an ulterior motive when you do not have one is triggering

When the accusation of not be honest is presented, I am triggered.

I am triggered when survivors are not believed, this come from my own trauma and not being believed.

Harassment and assault regardless of whether it is sexual or not, is not okay.

We need to believe survivors. We need to stand up and support organizations fighting to support survivors or speaking on their behalf because the survivors are not always  strong enough to stand alone. We need to believe survivors because not believing survivors does harm.

We are harming and triggering victims causing them to relive their trauma when we do not believe them.

I wasn’t believed. I do not want that for anyone else.


“If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.” – Zora Neale Hurston