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So I love my fitbit BUT I traded it in. I had bought the fitbit blaze and it was great but I could get the fitbit charge hr for $80.00 less and the only things I lose are the ability to choose my activity on the screen (which I wasn’t using) and reading my text messages and using the music controls on my phone  (which I wasn’t using). So I returned the blaze. It was also very large and sat awkwardly on my wrist. I also found it heavy and often bumped it into things. I think the blaze is kind of “Man” sized or for people with large wrists.

I am suprised at how happy I am with my descision to return and “downgrade” my fitbit BUT I truly don’t think I was making use of all of the options and I can always upgrade if I change my mind!

So 30 days on fitbit hooked me, I love the apps and and information it gives me and extremely happy with my new fitbit charge hr.

More Posts to come on my fitbit journey!

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Overnight Summer Camps – Alberta

I absolutely loved summer camp as a child and although we were religious. I never attended religious summer camps.

As a parent, when I set out to find camps for my child, I was surprised to find out the religious summer camps far outnumbered the secular camps.

So I’ve put together a list of secular camps for kids in Alberta to enjoy.

Camp Warwa

This camp has a special place in my heart because it’s my childhood camp and one of the summer camps I sent my daughter to. It’s located just 45 mins from Edmonton and is on Lac St.Anne.

It focus is on the outdoors and giving kids those outdoor experiences that can’t be experienced in the city.

Outdoor experiences for kids Gr. 1 – Gr.12. Different themed camps to cover a ton of kids different interests. From zip lining & canoeing to horseback riding & Archery and so much more. You can individualize your experience by choosing a camp option that best suits you.

For more information check out their website by clicking on the title link above

Badland Science Camp @ Tyrell Museum

Camp fYrefly (Edmonton & Calgary)

LGBTQ Camp for kids

Camp he ho ha

Camp for Kids and Adults with disabilities giving them the opportunity to experience a summer camp with all of the support they need.

ACCA Youth Camp

This is a camp with a unique focus on co-operatives and how they run. While you preteen or teen is having a blast just outside Nordegg. They are also learning about how a co-operative works and what it means to be part of a co-operative. K attended this camp twice. The program progresses as the kids age and there is a grad banquet after attending the camp in a lower level for at least one year.


Camp YoWoChAs

Sylvan Lake Hockey Camp

Specialized hockey camp for kids.

Centre for Outdoor Education – Summer Adventure Camp

Camp Adventure

Wild Horse Mountain Ranch

Horse back riding camp for people who love horses and want to learn all the ins and outs of riding and horse care.

Tim Horton Children’s Camp

Camp for economically disadvantaged children aged 9-12. This camp has opportunities for kids throughout Canada and you can attend camp in any province. But the location in Alberta is in Kananaskis Country. It’s called Tim Horton Children’s Ranch. Experience life in the Canadian Rockies. Explore local trails on horseback.

For more information on any of the above camps, check out their website by clicking on the title link above!

Here’s to summer camp, new adventures, new friends and independence!

Happy Camping!

~If you know of any other secular overnight summer camps, please leave me a comment as I am always excited to add to my list or if any of the above camps are not truly secular and you wish to let me know please do so in the comments section as well!




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Dream Trip – Slave Lake

So awhile back I posted about my dreams trips. There was 5 to be exact that were camping in B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan. They are Slave Lake, Waterton, Waskesiu Lake, Fort Rodd Hill and Cultus Lake. There’s now a 6th – Two Jack Lakeside in Banff. (Tried to book this year but it fills up faster than fast)

Well, this summer I am doing one of my dream trips! We are going to Slave Lake, AB and staying in The Nest with friends. We will be 8 adults and 2 kids under 3! Should make for a fun weekend. The Nest is glamping but more towards the cabin side of things and can accommodate multiple families.  In Federal and Provincial campsites you can glamp; Otentik or Comfort Camping respectively. This is type of camping has really taken off in the last 5 years. Glamping seems to be all the rage in camping these days. We are camping over the August long weekend! It’s a trip I am really excited about because not only are we camping we’re glamping, which is a whole new experience for me!




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fitbit blaze

I bought a fitbit blaze in purple. So far I am enjoying it and it is providing me with alot of motivation!

The fitbit blaze has the appearance of a watch. It automatically tracks my exercise, steps, heart rate, floors climbed, calories burned and more.

One downfall I have found and I am not sure if this because I am in Canada but the food input barcode scanner doesn’t recognize quite a few foods. I think I will need to sync with My fitness pal as its food database is much more extensive.

I also wish it was smaller. If fitbit sold a skinnier version, I would much prefer that.

The fitbit app is great it gives me all my fitness information directly on my phone. It syncs easily and I haven’t had any connectivity issues.

I haven’t delved into the fitbit community much but do have some friends whom also have fitbits and enjoy being able to see what they are doing and participate in challenges with them.

I am also using my fitbit blaze in conjuction with the aria scale. The scale measures weight and bodyfat.

So I case you were wondering, I am keeping it!

Once I have worn it for awhile longer I’ll provide another update regarding any pros or cons I’ve found that are not mentioned above.

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It’s Green!

The boulevards are starting to turn green. The grass is back. It makes me excited to see green popping up around me! I love the warmer and longer days! Can’t want to see my first green leaves!

Spring is definitely here to stay (or at least I hope it is) and I can’t wait to start summer.

Camping here I come!

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Memories of growing up in a white world.

I watched a documentary today called Little White Lie, it was about being black in a white world. Always knowing your different, never fitting in, but never being able to put your finger on why.

At 21 years old for this first time I could remember in my life. I felt accepted, not judged, I felt like I had found my people.

Now this is not to say that I never felt loved by anyone with white skin but it was like unlocking a secret. It was like walking around with a giant secret that no one would acknowledge or explain. Like the documentary said it’s that one drop rule, so we just accept everybody. I felt like the main character, when you’re black there isn’t really a place for you in the white world. In the black world you just slide in and are accepted no questions because you’re one of them. You’re always some category of black. Being mixed is a category of black. White just doesn’t have categories.

Now my story is nothing like the main characters; except for the secrets, the not being comfortable in your own skin, the not being able to ask… but knowing there was so much more to the story than you had been told. But truly our life stories are world’s apart.

As the documentary says, I define the future for myself! For myself, since I found my truth and discovered myself; I’ve been defining my future while taking along my past and regardless of how I define it, it’s mine and it’s based in truth.


Thank you to Lacey Schwartz for making a documentary that allowed me to put into words things I might not have been able to before.

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I’ve Rebranded

As you may notice my blog title has changed. I just felt it was a better fit and well suited choice for my blog name.

Also I just realised I have had this blog for 5 years! Wow, how time flys!


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Sometimes it seems like there’s so much to do… but then maybe there is…

Keep going, keep moving, even when you want to stop remember you will look back and think. I did this, all me. I made it.