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Melting Pumpkin Marshmallow in my Scentsy warmer today. Love the scent even if J doesn’t. Don’t love it as much as Coconut Lemon Chiffon. I’m hoarding my last three wax squares as it has been discontinued and I am not sure I can live without it’s scent……..

T is growing again. Need to buy need new onesies and sleepers. She’s a giant baby ūüôā

This week’s plan includes using my Body Media and being more active.

Good Night!

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Wedding Stuff and Sunday Ramblings

Well the wedding was 8 months ago….. I guess it’s time to pull out everything and sell it. Going to spend my Sunday documenting everything and placing it all on Kijiji. Also, need to get my dress cleaned and that up on Kijiji too. K wants to wear her¬†bridesmaids¬†dress to her grade 9 grad in just over a years time, but will it fit? Maybe I should just sell it too.

Cleaning out the basement is refreshing, It’s spring even if it doesn’t appear to be I can get a head start on spring cleaning and when it truly arrives I can be outside working on the garden. I have big plans for the garden this year. I won’t be busy wedding planning and neglecting it.

Here is J shoveling the never ending snow! Below is the view from my window at work on Thursday!2013-03-21 16.42.46

2013-03-21 12.53.46

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Halloween and Cheese

It’s Halloween! K is going as Fun Dip. J and I are handing out candy.

There was no cheese making this month but that just means double the cheese making next month and double the cheese blogging as well. In preparation for my October cheese choice, my family and I have tried 3 different feta’s this month, Cow, goat and sheep! Thanks to the Italian Centre in Little Italy, which is right up the hill from my house!

Until next month my friendly cheesepalooza enthusiasts!

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Happy Sunday!

It’s Sunday, a lazy day for me. I worked a bingo last night for K’s dance. 8hrs on my feet was killer.¬† I am hoping I burned calories doing it!

Today is J’s birthday!¬† We are going out for dinner at a Japanese place called Nomiya!¬†We’ve been there once before and enjoyed it! They have a vegetarian ramen bowl, so it’s J’s new favorite place.

K is off getting a massage to relax today. I am thinking I should have also booked a massage or something today but didn’t so I will just relax. My pointsetta from December has started dying. I don’t think I watered it enough. I wish it was not dying as I got a red glitter one this year and it was quite pretty!

I also a trying out this extreme couponing thing.¬† It seems to be a pretty big fad.¬† So I’m jumping on the bandwagon and am going to test out my skills as an extreme couponer! I’ve gotten some good tips fro quite a few sources, wish me luck!

That’s my lazy sunday! Hope everyone had an equally lazy Sunday and relaxed!

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It’s November……

So after an extremely high stress month of October and a miserably failed “every day” blog post month. ¬†I am still blogging away but there is far too much going on.

I missed all of Veg*ns of Alberta‘s events for World Vegetarian month. ¬†But have promised myself there is always next year and next year I will rock world vegetarian month. ¬†I have gone dress shopping and can’t decide on a dress. ¬†I feel torn between two dresses¬†I want and keep wondering why are they so expensive and should I spend this much on a dress/why am I not an amazing seamstress. ¬†I have continued to be a Sparks leader even though it was alot more work than I had thought it would be when I first signed up, but I am loving it!!!!

K has an amazing report card.  She blew her classes out of the water!  I am so proud of her!

I am off to the lower mainland on Tuesday to visit family and scout out ceremony/reception locations and to look at renting a dress (which seems like an amazing option right now).

Through out everything this month my friends have been amazing and have been there for me through it all what I would do without them is unknown cause I’d probably just completely fall apart!!

Even with everything going on I am extremely happy and have a positive outlook and I know it will all fall into place and I will find my rhythm again it might just take a little longer than I thought.