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Painting Pottery

Yesterday, I went to Crankpots with my bestie (emerald_giraffe)!

Here’s what I made, a pumpkin jar! In the background is my bestie’s sea mug! The pumpkin will fit in just perfectly with my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving!

My Pumpkin!










I found the painting oddly therapeutic! I think it has something to do with doing stuff with your hands. Maybe I should do this more often.

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I’m a bit behind in my blogging. August’s cheese was Ricotta. My cheese making partner’s and I attempted to make cow and goat ricotta.  The goat failed miserably but the cow ricotta was a success.

Here’s some pics from our process.

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A big shout out to Shift Mama for her awesome cameo hand pics during cheese making!

Thanks to Untamed Feast, I turned my ricotta into a forest blend mushroom ricotta spread. I used their forest mushroom blend and their morel mushroom spread recipe to create my spread. My family loved it, but I forgot to take pics of it.

September is upon us and the cheese for this month is Chévre. I am greatly looking forward to this one and thinking of doing a peppercorn Chévre.

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It’s November……

So after an extremely high stress month of October and a miserably failed “every day” blog post month.  I am still blogging away but there is far too much going on.

I missed all of Veg*ns of Alberta‘s events for World Vegetarian month.  But have promised myself there is always next year and next year I will rock world vegetarian month.  I have gone dress shopping and can’t decide on a dress.  I feel torn between two dresses I want and keep wondering why are they so expensive and should I spend this much on a dress/why am I not an amazing seamstress.  I have continued to be a Sparks leader even though it was alot more work than I had thought it would be when I first signed up, but I am loving it!!!!

K has an amazing report card.  She blew her classes out of the water!  I am so proud of her!

I am off to the lower mainland on Tuesday to visit family and scout out ceremony/reception locations and to look at renting a dress (which seems like an amazing option right now).

Through out everything this month my friends have been amazing and have been there for me through it all what I would do without them is unknown cause I’d probably just completely fall apart!!

Even with everything going on I am extremely happy and have a positive outlook and I know it will all fall into place and I will find my rhythm again it might just take a little longer than I thought.

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Lazy Saturday Fun

I slept in this morning, it was nice.  Then took K to tap class and then we went out for lunch at Kyoto.  We had a bento box 🙂  Warning to all with nightshade allergies……Tempura Eggplant looks suspiciously like Zucchini until you bite into it 😦  I know, I know I should have asked….Life on the food wild side is probably not for me.  Then we ventured to Kingsway Garden Mall and sauntered around in home, bath and body stores looking for a house warming gift for J & R.  They just bought a house and their housewarming is tonight, so I am looking forward to that!

Now I am blogging as a tool to avoid house work …..  We are having thanksgiving at our house this year and have many friends coming over.  So I should get going, so far off the list is laundry and dusting.

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A missed blog day

Sorry I missed yesterday, my internet was down…..thanks Shaw……….

Yesterday, I went to my very first bridal show and then out to lunch at Joeys, with some great friends!!!  We went to Bridal Expo!!  It was wonderful lots of good stuff to check out! Entered lots of draws and have my fingers crossed that I win the honeymoon in Barcelona 🙂

Tonight I need to work on my save the dates, It’s my goal this week to have them out before Friday.

Got my butt kicked today by my personal trainer.  Pulled my hamstrings pretty good …… Can’t really sit or do stairs.  Here’s hoping I am in much less pain Wednesday when I have to take my Sparks group selling cookies around the neighbourhood!

Off to eat my dinner for tonight – Sesame Orange Portobello Mushroom Pasta *YUM*  Then off to watch Lost….Yes I am behind the times.

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Fort Edmonton Park, Friends and Fun

Sunday, we spent the day at Fort Edmonton Park, thanks to an awesome invite from our Friends SB&S along with R.  We have a great day and it was 32 degrees Celsius outside!!!!!

Fort Edmonton was busy, but not too busy and lots of fun!!  We had ice cream and pickled eggs.  Although, there are better pickled eggs out there!

Later we packed for TREX for a prep meeting for a canoe trip down the North Sask. next weekend!  Then dropped K off for her TREX meeting!

Once K got home we had a spinach salad!  It was heavenly!

Spinach Salad!

  • Spinach
  • Almonds
  • Vegan Bacon Bits
  • Strawberry vinaigrette
Then J and K sat down for a grueling homework session. They made it out alive an hour and a half later!
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T-minus 4 days and counting

In 4 days we will be on a plane to Curacao!!!!!  I am excited, nervous and totally not ready or packed. J’s father lives there and we will be meeting up with his brother and sister and niece. Not to mention many other family members.

Tonight I am making lentil soup, no real recipe.  I just threw in onions, leeks, carrots, celery, veggie bouillon (nightshade free), garlic, salt, pepper, bay leaves and lentils in a pot and Voila SOUP!  It tastes de-lish!

Also just read Emily Levenson’s blog about Pasta Corn Cabash and can’t wait to try the recipe.  Hopefully, I can get it squeezed in one night before we leave cause I have everything for in right now in my kitchen, rare thing when I find a recipe!

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network | young greens of canada – jeunes verts du canada

network | young greens of canada – jeunes verts du canada.

Check out Young Greens of Canada!  If your 18 – 29, It’s a great site to get you and keep you informed with what the Green Party of Canada is doing.  It’s for the young voice in Canada.  Sign in, see what riding you belong to {I live in Edmonton East (Alberta)}, view the Green Party’s values and get valuable information about voting in Canada.

Don’t miss out!  Stay informed so you can make an informed decision at the next federal election by voting!

Remember, Bad officals are elected by good citizens who do not vote – George Jean Nathan Don’t be one of these good citizens *VOTE*



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Season’s Greetings!

Winter Solstice Festivities.  Just thought I`d share some of the ways my family celebrated this years Solstice!

We put up our tree and ** SNOWFLAKE LIGHTS** {Yes I was very excited to find Snowflake lights at Ikea to be able to hang in the window} on December 19.

We were very lucky this year to bring in the Solstice with a lunar eclipse!  This first total eclipse to land on Solstice since 1638!!

We had the pleasure of being invited to a friends house for December 24th.  Dinner there was amazing!  We had quinoa salad w/ cranberries and nuts, a vegan paté, beets, baba ghanoush, an assortments of delicious bread and salad filled with bluberries.  It was a wonderful dinner.  The also created a luge in their back yard and we had a bond fire!  We had a wonderful time and are forever thankful to our hosts for having us!

When we got home my daughter opened her one present which has always been a tradition for us.

In the morning called Oma in the Netherlands, ate breakfast and opened presents.  I got a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet!  *faints*

On the 25th we had friends over for dinner.   I made two lasagna’s, one was vegetarian and one was vegan.  We paired this with salad and wine.  Dessert was *vegan* cookies and cream ice cream {This ice cream is to die for and is soy free as it is made with coconut milk} We played the Game of Life and went out again later to go down my neighbour’s luge!

Today we braved West Edmonton Mall, my daughter had never experienced Boxing Day madness and was dying to see what it was all about.  So we ventured out to see the sights and buy some things.  She left the madness with a gift set from the spicy mandarin collection from Rocky Mountain Soap Co. and a facial wash from The Body Shop, a spare nunchuck for the Wii as well as a bubble gum making set!  Today was a long day and I plan to spend the rest of my evening with a cup of tea and reading the book I received from a friend this Solstice called Zen.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and peaceful Holiday with family and friends!