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Was it all in my head?

It wasn’t… 2 days ago, I tried to use Deva Curl again… I just had to…

Spent the day itching and had to rewash my hair.

Still on the search for a new favourite cleanse/condition product..

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Being Natural

Being Natural is hard. The labels are confusing and so is the information out there.

I recently read the book Ecoholic by Adria Vasil and thought WOW I now have the information to be an informed consumer. Also I loved the book because it was Canadian, so I recognised products within and was able to actually find the stores and products talked about in the book! All of her books are great and highly informative!

But after reading the book doing research online and watching a few documentaries. I was more confused than ever!

Two websites that have helped to make everything easier to figure things out are and

And a page with a whole list of helpful tools from Adria Vasil’s website

I can now easily search products, while I am shopping to find out whether they are eco-friendly and live up to my standards.

There has been the odd product lines like Live Clean (If anyone has info on this company it would be greatly appreciated!), which I can’t seem to find on these databases so I am left to my own devices to determine whether they are good or not, but by and large these two websites make wading through the assault of products claiming to be eco-friendly much easier!

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In Case You Hadn`t Noticed, They`re Saying It`s 2012!

Welcome to the New Year!  Although I never really understood why we get so excited about it. It doesn`t truly change anything and I think resolutions are useless but I like fireworks and parties as much as the next person so I partied along with everyone else!

Wedding planning is going well!  I have a ceremony and reception venue and a dress.  I need to up my game again as I have been putting things off and need to get the rest of the planning done this month!

Excitement in my life = *fingers crossed* a honeymoon in Portugal.

Hair Care – Not impressed with Deva Curl after using it for the last month.  It`s just not my thing.  I find my hair is not manageable and definitely cannot do second day curls. It leaves my hair in tangles.  I am also not impressed with a local outlet called Images and Shades is no longer carrying the brand CURLS, as I hate ordering and paying shipping online. The next product I am planning to try is Boo Bamboo! I am excited about it as it can be found at my local grocery store!

Happy New Year!


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Curly Girl Handbook & Deva Curls Products

I read Curly Girl Handbook a while back and had implemented some of their curly hair styling tips and tricks and have had great success with them.  I recommend this book to anyone with curly hair who wants to go natural.  So after reading Curly Girl, I recently tried Deva Curls products Deva Care No-Poo and Deva Care One Condition.  I love these products.  I have no complaints.  They clean my hair wonderfully and the conditioner works great!  This is a great everyday hair care product (by everyday I do not mean literally everyday). I would recommend this product to anyone with curly hair.  They are definitly on my hit list currently of products to try.  I am now going to try some of there styling products.  I will give you the low down on what I think.

Check out The Curly Girl Handbook and Deva Hair Care Products!

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Hair Product Review Alert

Okay so I haven’t actually used the product yet, but I bought it and it’s in my home.  So I sit here admiring the package, but alas I washed my hair this morning. So I will have to wait.  The product is abba – pure performance hair care. I bought the Pure Curl Shampoo.  It has lemongrass and orange peel oil in it and it smells nice like lemongrass.

Anyways my family is gone for the evening – well J for the weekend and so I am alone.  Also my car is broken again so I have no car this weekend.  Well, I have a car but it is standard shift so I can attempt to teach myself to drive…….which I will probably attempt tomorrow and Sunday, but for the most part I shall walk and bike every where (mainly because I am scared of hills and how do I get out of my neighbourhood in the rivervalley without going up hills 😦 ).

Tomorrow I plan to go the library (walk) and the movies (walk).  I’m going to see Bad Teacher, I’ll let you know how it is.  Maybe I’ll go to work out (ride J’s bike).  Wow I would be in such good shape if I didn’t have a car.  But for tonight I plan to veg-out and do nothing because of the dark clouds, the rain approaching and the fact that I am tired.

P.S. my herb garden is doing great!!!

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Fried Rice.

Tonight I made fried rice for dinner. I added carrots, corn, green beans, purple cabbage, shallots and peas.  Seasoned w/ braggs, ginger, black pepper and garlic.  I tastes amazing and has No Nightshades 🙂

I have been feeling kinda down because of my wrist.  I can’t work out.  I definitely need to do more running/walking in the neighbourhood.  So I keep my activity levels up.

I found two amazing websites in the last two days.

One for curly hair , Naturally Curly has great tips and tricks on how to keep your curly hair looking it’s best.  There are also forums where you can talk to other curlies and trade curl secrets!

And the other for people with food allergies, it is filled with great recipes and what makes it so great is you put in your food allergies at the beginning and it only shows you recipes that do not have your allergies.  This site has a wealth of information and has helped me to realise no nightshades is not so bad once you get used to cooking with all the other wonderful foods available to you.

On another note I have given up on Live Clean’s Purple Jewel Conditioner.  It just doesn’t do the trick.  It is a horrible detangler.  When I use it clumps of my hair come out from the tangles, so it is not detangling.  So for me, Purple Jewel Conditioner is a no go.  The shampoo is okay though but definitely not may favorite.  I had hopes for this product but am afraid it just doesn’t cut it for curly hair.  Also everyone with straight hair out there don’t let this discourage you from trying some of the other products in their line.  I personally like their Exotic Nectar – Argan Oil and Shine Cream.

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21 Day Vegan Kickstart & My New Product in 2011

So this year in an effort to get healthier, I am participating in the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart.  I am on Day 3 and it’s going great.  I am following their meal plans and loving the new recipes I have tried so far.  Tonight I made curried lentil soup and couscous confetti salad (I did sub in quinoa for couscous in each of these recipes) two new recipes and both were wonderful!

I also have a free one week pass to Curves, so I will try it out and let you know what I think!  My first appointment is tomorrow @ 5pm.

I have decided on the product I will try next, it is Macadamia Oil!

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Winter Solstice… Among other things

This years winter solstice also included a solar eclipse!!!!  We drove out to watch the eclipse from a field.  It was beautiful!  It was a great way to celebrate winter solstice this year! {Picture Below}

I have now been using Curls for a month and I am still loving it.  I did go out and purchase more products from this line.  I now am using.

  1. Pure Curls Organic Clarifying Shampoo
  2. Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream
  3. Coconut Sublime Organic Conditioner
  4. Quenched Curls Organic Moisturizer/ 2nd Day Curl Refresh
  5. Curl Gel’ les’c

I may still try the Curls Milkshake or Souffle.  I like the way CURLS smells except for step 3 the Quenched Curls Organic Moisturizer/ 2nd Day Curl Refresh, I also do not like the way this product spray’s out of the bottle.  It is too thick to mist my hair.  I am planning to add water to see if this helps with the application process as I found this helped with the Blended Beauty’s Kick for Curls.  I am also going to try Blended Beauty’s cleansing conditioner again as I am leaning towards the fact that I like this cleansing conditioner more than the CURLS cleansing cream.  I enjoyed Blended Beauty because it made my hair silky soft, which is something I am not experiencing with CURLS.

I still plan to try out a new products.  I would like to try the following lines.  Throw me a comment if you have any advice on the products I plan to use in the future.  Here’s a short list of products to come.

  • Aveda – Be Curly
  • Macadamia Natural Oil
  • Live Clean – Purple Jewel Wave Enhance

Also just so everyone is aware I always contact the companies before I use their products to confirm that their line does not contain any of the ingredients that I am avoiding and that they do not test on animals.  {Also read the label’s 😉 } So….. something may make my list but I may not end up testing it if it does not meet my criteria.  I will let you know if this happens.

I haven’t been blogging regularly but plan to step it up now that the holidays are over!  I also plan to track my weight loss journey as well as post the books I read and love.  And as always small bits and pieces of the things that are important to me or affecting my life!

Below is a picture of the Lunar Eclipse taken by my friend Leo Balanean!

Isn’t it magnificent!

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Exotic Nectar: Argan Oil Smooth and Shine Cream by Live Clean

I love this hair oil!!!  It makes my hair soooo soft.  It cost me $5.00 at Shoppers Drug Mart. This hair oil is great for underneath your regular styling products and/or for those days when you have your hair up and out of the way.  It provides an incredible amount of moisture.

I found this by accident standing in the store trying to find something after realising

  1. I have no hair products
  2. I am on my way out for the evening.

Now you may be wondering, how do you end up with no hair products and on the way out for the evening.  Well, we just moved!!!  The day I moved was also my friend’s bachelorette party.  Because we were moving I hadn’t done alot of shopping in the weeks prior and had mainly been living out of boxes so I had been wearing my hair up in a bun for the most part.

I was standing in the store debating the merits of many different products, when I realised I am running out of time.  So I decided, I’ll just buy the product thats on sale for cheap and then I won’t feel so bad when/if it happens to not work for my hair.  Well to say the least I was uber suprised at how soft my hair was and how happy I am with this product.  I will definitely be trying more products from this line in the future

Please see the link below to view this product.|amp|%20shine%20cream

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Blended Beauty

Products in the Blended Beauty line that I have tried are

  • Quenching Conditioner
  • Cleansing Conditioner
  • Soy Cream Shampoo
  • Kick for Curls
  • Curly Frizz Pudding
  • Styling Lotion

These products smell great!!!

Quenching Conditioner was awesome.  My hair felt very moisturized after this conditioner.

Cleansing Conditioner did just that! It cleansed and conditioned.  I liked that you can use this product for those in between days when you want to cleanse but not to shampoo.

I did not like the Soy Cream Shampoo.  It did not feel like I was getting a good clean.

Kick for curls nozzle sprayed weird.  I did not enjoy this products packaging and I didn’t feel it worked well in general.

Curly Frizz Pudding and the Styling Lotion offered no frizz control and I didn’t like the stickiness of the product.

All of these products nourished the scalp and hair while smoothing and defining each curl, the only problem was these products offer no frizz control at all.  So by the end of the morning my hair was soft frizzy and flying everywhere.

I enjoyed this line.  It made my hair smell nice but the lack of frizz control makes this a no go for me.  I might invest in the conditioners again but first I will have to see where my journey takes me!

If you would like to try blended beauty products for yourself.  I would recommend the conditioners. Please see their website at the link below.  And just because the shampoo and styling products weren’t my cup of tea doesn’t mean you won’t find they work wonderful in your hair.