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Camping – End of May – Mid Sept

I have an ambitious camping goal for the year. I think I have felt extra trapped this winter and want to be out in nature as much as possible or maybe it’s not having to go to work anymore that is drawing me to nature more. Whatever it is, I have a goal of six camping trips this summer.

We usually do 2-3. I want to double that this year. I have planned the locations and all of them are close to home, except for three dream trips I would love to do this summer but to be realistic may not happen. So hopefully we can get at least one dream trip done.

My 6 goal destinations are Elk Island x 2, Miquelon, Pigeon Lake, Wabamun or Pembina River, & Sylvan Lake. Elk Island is also my back-up destination. It’s really close and easy to book. We have been there numerous times and will use it as our test run for our first camping trip with T. So if we don’t make it to the other destinations, we will do another trip out to Elk Island. Depending on how the trips go this summer we may try for our usual Strathcona Wilderness Centre fall trip (Cause you get to see lots of moose up close and personal!!!!) but that trip is a micro hike in and there are no facilities, so if camping with T has been a breeze, we can take it to the next level!

You may have noticed I am focusing on Provincial and National Parks! We have so many great parks in Alberta that I want to discover and rediscover them 1 by 1!

Your probably saying what about the dream trips……. They are Slave Lake, Waterton, and Cultus Lake. Oh I guess I have 4, I’d like to go back to Waskesiu Lake and get cabins and hang out with the family in that province!!!!! Oh wait 5. I want to go visit my friends on the island and stay in an oTENTnik in Fort Rodd Hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have so many wants this summer! Here’s hoping I can get through most of it!

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My Happy Cow Obsession!

I’ve been thinking of upcoming holidays and eating out. So the first place I look is Happy Cow. I love Happy Cow! Need a veggie restaurant  Happy Cow comes to the rescue everytime! Now when I go on holidays it’s the first place I visit to see what veggie restaurants are where I am!

If you also frequent Happy Cow, look up my reviews – Prfound_Raincloud!

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Wedding Stuff and Sunday Ramblings

Well the wedding was 8 months ago….. I guess it’s time to pull out everything and sell it. Going to spend my Sunday documenting everything and placing it all on Kijiji. Also, need to get my dress cleaned and that up on Kijiji too. K wants to wear her bridesmaids dress to her grade 9 grad in just over a years time, but will it fit? Maybe I should just sell it too.

Cleaning out the basement is refreshing, It’s spring even if it doesn’t appear to be I can get a head start on spring cleaning and when it truly arrives I can be outside working on the garden. I have big plans for the garden this year. I won’t be busy wedding planning and neglecting it.

Here is J shoveling the never ending snow! Below is the view from my window at work on Thursday!2013-03-21 16.42.46

2013-03-21 12.53.46

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Halloween and Cheese

It’s Halloween! K is going as Fun Dip. J and I are handing out candy.

There was no cheese making this month but that just means double the cheese making next month and double the cheese blogging as well. In preparation for my October cheese choice, my family and I have tried 3 different feta’s this month, Cow, goat and sheep! Thanks to the Italian Centre in Little Italy, which is right up the hill from my house!

Until next month my friendly cheesepalooza enthusiasts!

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In Case You Hadn`t Noticed, They`re Saying It`s 2012!

Welcome to the New Year!  Although I never really understood why we get so excited about it. It doesn`t truly change anything and I think resolutions are useless but I like fireworks and parties as much as the next person so I partied along with everyone else!

Wedding planning is going well!  I have a ceremony and reception venue and a dress.  I need to up my game again as I have been putting things off and need to get the rest of the planning done this month!

Excitement in my life = *fingers crossed* a honeymoon in Portugal.

Hair Care – Not impressed with Deva Curl after using it for the last month.  It`s just not my thing.  I find my hair is not manageable and definitely cannot do second day curls. It leaves my hair in tangles.  I am also not impressed with a local outlet called Images and Shades is no longer carrying the brand CURLS, as I hate ordering and paying shipping online. The next product I am planning to try is Boo Bamboo! I am excited about it as it can be found at my local grocery store!

Happy New Year!